About Us

About Us

Innovative Publication founded in the year 2013, as a well-respected medical publisher that fully supports many of the popular open access models through its peer-review management systems, specialized in the publication of medical research as an Open Access Publisher. The Innovative open access policy has resulted in more than a million articles downloads annually for all of its journals.  Managed and run by a strong team of experienced publishing professionals in the field of health science. Innovative remains every doctor’s trusted education resource for all professional research.  Innovative Publication all journals are open access worldwide with more than 49 medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy journals and 75 + books in the health science portfolio. Students, researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide access e-resources. Innovative journals help researchers to new discoveries and improve patient care. We work closely with health care professionals as well as health care information providers. Innovative is a leading global provider of information, business intelligence and Innovative Online Journals for health care industry and serving more than 30 countries and territories worldwide.

Head office in New Delhi (India) and branch offices in Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur, Ujjain (MP) and having many association for marketing of books and journals and authorized subscription agents across the country. Innovative moving toward global publisher and its resource collection center are located in Nigeria and virtual office in UK and planning for more other countries. We make its presence in each and every important medical conference of the world to connect with every important specialty to collect and publish the latest, authoritative and dependable information, knowledge and technique of and in the medical world. Innovative is actively involved in the translations of titles in different language like Polish, Spanish, Arabic etc.

Innovative is the publisher of the Telengana Journal of Psychiatry (TJP), Society of Indian Physiotherapists, Journal of Dental Specialty (JDS), Khyati Education and Research Foundation,  Santosh University Journals, Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation,  NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, Lata Mangeskar Hospital, Nagpur, Maharastra, International dental journal of students research  and many more societies and institutions publication. We are still looking more journals publication with other institutions and society publication.Innovative Publication Business Model

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We archive journals at number of key places, such as open access compliant, online archive repositories (https://clockss.org/community/participating-publishers/), Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) https://www.copyright.com/, www.crossref.org etc.


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