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Our goal is to help you apprehend and outshine the objects and drives you have for your society or association by helping you make the most of your publishing plans. We provide our society and association partners with information, advice, and exclusive benefits to serve their authors and members, and our high-quality services are tailored to the real challenges and opportunities that you face.

Innovative main emphasis to promote your social action and research globally.

Get expert advice on the best strategy for your journal as open access publishing models reshape the way that researchers communicate, collaborate and advance the pace and quality Innovations.

Overview of the key priorities for societies and associations:

  • Expert advice on the best strategy for your journal, as open access publishing models reshape the way that researchers communicate, collaborate and advance the pace and quality of discovery.
  • Retaining and growing overall membership: organizations suggested ways and activities to reach younger and international audiences.
  • Raising the profile of the academic discipline: organizations from different disciplines shared their views.
  • Understanding members’ needs and priorities: organizations revealed the key priority for their members.
  • Access to new tools and resources to grow and share 
  • Increased visibility and exposure of your journal in both mature and emerging markets worldwide.
  • Strategic development to help you navigate your journal through economic and technological shifts anticipated in the years ahead.  
  • A tailored approach to journal development to ensure each title receives personalized attention and a service oriented experience that engages key relevant communities. Increased exposure of your journal in both mature and emerging markets worldwide.

Partnership with us brings economies of scale, cutting-edge publishing technology, world class marketing and global sales reach, whilst preserving the attention to detail and personal touch that the research community associates with your journal. Whatever your society objectives we have a solution to fit you, with a whole range of choices from discount codes and landing pages for your members.

Below are the follwing societies partenship with us:-


Society Name

Social Community Website

Journal of Dental Specialities

Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation

Kedar Amar Research and Academic Management Society

Journal of Indian psychiatric Society - Telangana State Brance

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Society of Indian Physiotherapists

International Dental Journal of Student Research

Panacea, Journal of Medical Sciences

Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences

Santosh University Journal of Health Sciences

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