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IP International Journal of Aesthetic and Health Rejuvenation

Local fasciocutaneous flaps: Reliable answer for skin coverage over annoying ankle defects and relief from microsurgery: Series of 62 cases

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Author Details: Kaustubh Shende, GDS Kalra, Jagdeep Rao, Amit Sharma, Rahul Yadav

Volume : 1

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : XXXX


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Article End Page : 5


The management of soft-tissue defects in the lower limbs due to an increase of high energy trauma currently has become a very frequent procedure. Defects over ankle region are problematic because of the limited mobility and availability of the overlying skin and on the other hand, there is relatively poor vascularity of the skin of lower leg area. Various reconstructive options available are local, distant and free flaps. With the advancement of microsurgical techniques, free tissue transfer has provided an elegant method of soft tissue cover for ankle defects. Major disadvantage for free tissue transfer is in availability of microsurgical set up at remotely based trauma centers managed single handedly by orthopedic and trauma surgeons. This makes local flaps an inevitable option for ankle soft tissue defects. This report is based on our study of different type of local fascio-cutanenous flaps used in 62 patients for soft tissue coverage for defects in lower leg especially over tendo-achillis region.
Level of clinical evidence- 2

Keywords: Facsiocutaneous flaps, Foot and ankle defect, Reverse-flow sural flap.