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IP Indian Journal of Anatomy and Surgery of Head, Neck and Brain

An epidemiological study of foreign body sensation throat in the population of Garhwal region of Uttrakhand

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Author Details: Amit Arya, RS Bisht, Richa Mina

Volume : 3

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-5229

Print ISSN : 2581-5210

Article First Page : 9

Article End Page : 12


Foreign body sensation or feeling of lump in throat is one of the commonest complaint, with which patient presents to ENT out patient’s department. The patient usually complains of “something being stuck in my throat” or “heaviness of throat” or “sticky sensation in throat”. Although sometime there may be a pathology found in the throat to go with the symptom but most of the time the symptoms are vague and after extensive workup also no significant cause could be found.
This study aims at finding the diseases associated with the symptom along with the gender, occupational, regional propensity of the symptom amongst the population of Garhwal region of Uttrakhand.

Globu pharyngeus, Throat, Pharyngitis, Thyroid, Laryngitis