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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

The correlative study of degrees of carrying angle with height of body in both the sexes of south Indian population

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Author Details: Thejeshwari HG, Makandar UK, Rajendra R

Volume : 4

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : 2394-2126

Print ISSN : 2394-2118

Article First Page : 369

Article End Page : 372


Aims and Objectives: a. By knowing the carrying angle one can explore the height in both the sexes and vice versa. b. It has medicolegal and ethnic importance.
150 normal subjects, out of which 68 males and 82 females were selected for study. The mean value of height of males was 170.2 (SD+ 7). Mean value of Left carrying angle in males was 163.6 (SD + 6.1). The mean value of degree of right carrying angle in males was 169.8 (SD + 4.4). In females the mean value of height was 155.6 (SD + 5.9).The mean value of left carrying angle in females was 164.9 (SD + 3.6). Mean value of right carrying angle in females was 171.2 (SD + 3.4). The t ‘test value for height was 13, 7, for left carrying angle was 8.5, for right carrying angle it was 8.6. All these values were statistically highly significant (P <0.01). While Correlating the height with left and right carrying angle in males, it was found that ‘t’ test value of left carrying angle was 7.53, r= -0.68 and that ‘t’ test value of right carrying angle in males was 7.33. r= -0.67 which was highly significant (P < 0.01).on correlation of height with right and left carrying angle in females, it was found that ‘t’ test value of left carrying angle was 9.84, r= 0. -74, and of right carrying angle was 9.55, r= -0.73. Both the values are statistically highly significant (P < 0.01). In the study of logistic regression Y = 340.3 -0.986(Height) – 0.612 (Left carrying angle) -0.469 (Right carrying angle). These values are statistically highly significant. This present study of south Indian population have regional or ethnic significance. This study is important for the medicolegal experts as they can explore the height by knowing the degree of carrying angle of the person, Anatomists, Anthropologists, radiologists, after above all, to the Orthopaedicians to reconstruct the normal elbow joint by knowing the height of the patient.

RT – Right, Lt – Left, CA –carrying angle, Goniometer, South India