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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

A study of coronary dominance pattern in central India population

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Author Details: Madhavi B. Ramteke, Charulata A. Satpute, Yogesh S. Ganorkar

Volume : 4

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2394-2126

Print ISSN : 2394-2118

Article First Page : 529

Article End Page : 531


Aim of the study to know the coronary dominance pattern in central India population. Coronary arteries show wide variations among different populations. Origin of posterior interventricular artery was taken as the basis of dominance. The present study was undertaken on 70 adult human heart specimens from embalmed cadavers. Hearts were dissected and studied. Out of the seventy hearts studied, 55(78.57%) shows right dominance, 14(20%) shows left dominance and 1(1.42%) shows co-dominance or balanced dominance. The results of the study were compared with authors and variations were noted.

Posterior interventricular artery, Left circumflex artery, Right coronary artery, Coronary dominance, Right dominance, Left dominance, Co-dominance or balanced dominance