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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Variation in the size of foot and great toe in unilateral CTEV (club foot deformity)

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Mohammed Jalal Mohiuddin,Syeda Sadia Sameera*,Hafsa Razvi Syeda,Sai Rithwika

Volume : 6

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : 2394-2126

Print ISSN : 2394-2118

Article First Page : 299

Article End Page : 303


Introduction: Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) is one of the common foot deformities seen in new
born. It has prevalence of 1 in 1000 population with male preponderance. There is lot of anatomical and
functional differences between the effected foot and the normal foot. These differences include variation in
size of foot, size of toes, altered vasculature of foot, muscle imbalance between the everters and invertors
of foot. These differences can easily be made out if it’s a unilateral deformity as the control for comparison
will be the normal foot.
Materials and Methods: Present study was done at our institute with coordination with department of
orthopedics, including 20 patients with unilateral CTEV. The size of the foot and toes measured after full
correction of the deformity.
Results: It was found that there is constant decrease in the size of effected foot which is obvious on
measurement and there is considerable clinical shortening of the great toe in comparison with the second
toe in Club feet.
Conclusion: The results obtained in present study will help the orthopedic surgeon to look into the matter
of size of foot in future as the child grows and its cosmetic and functional impact over the activity of the

Keywords: CTEV, Foot, Imbalance, Invertors, Size.

Doi :-https://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijcap.2019.066