International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research

Evaluating correlation between Vitamin D levels and hypothyroidism: A pilot study

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Angie Garg,Amandeep Kaur*,Bhavneet Singh,Sahiba Kukreja

Volume : 6

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2394-6377

Print ISSN : 2394-6369

Article First Page : 255

Article End Page : 258


Vitamin D deficiency is very common worldwide. Vitamin D has steroid like properties being produced in skin and regulates the expression of various genes. Its main biochemical role is in the regulation of bone metabolism by regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels in the body. Vitamin D has non-skeletal functions also like immunomodulation and anti-inflammation which could be the reason behind the pathogenesis of thyroid diseases. Several studies have proved the role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of various diseases like autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, heart diseases, metabolic syndrome as well as cancer. Considering this potential role, this study was done with the aim of assessing Vitamin D levels and correlation of these levels of vitamin D with thyroid profile in patients of hypothyroidism.

Keywords: Vitamin D, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid profile, Autoimmune thyroid disease, Vit D deficiency.

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