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Year 2019

Volume: 4 , Issue: 2

Print ISSN:-2581-9534

Online ISSN:-2581-8988

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IP Indian Journal of Conservative and Endodontics

Recent advances in irrigation systems

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Author Details: Aditi Jain, Ravindra Chandrakar, Mohini Chandrakar, Ankita Singh, Gagan Madan

Volume : 2

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-8988

Print ISSN : 2581-9534

Article First Page : 6

Article End Page : 11


Endodontics is the art and science that deals with prevention and treatment of pulp and periradicular diseases. The success of root canal therapy relies on chemo mechanical preparation, irrigation, microbial control and complete obturation of the root canals. Hand and rotary instrumentation has a key part in course of treatment systems to mechanically eliminate microorganisms from the accessible parts of the primary root canal by direct mechanical cleaning action. However, the intricacy of root canal morphology provides areas such as curved apical third, narrow isthmi, apical deltas, ribbon–shaped and oval canals, can't be cleaned mechanically, bacteria can endure and flourish in these untouched areas & are the real reason for pulpal and periapical diseases and this presents a challenging objective to the endodontic treatment.
It’s really stated, “Instruments Shape, Irrigants Clean”. Wide heap of irrigating solutions have been upheld for the sanitization process during root canal therapy. A plenty of irrigants are available Such as saline, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, EDTA, ethelene, Q-mix, ozonated water, MTAD or in mixes of the above. The effectiveness and safety of irrigation depends on the means of delivery. Generally, irrigation has been performed with a plastic syringe and an open-ended needle into the canal space. A growing number of novel needle-tip designs and equipment are developing with an end goal to better address the difficulties of irrigation. The purpose of this article is to illuminate the methods for safe and effective irrigation and provides cutting-edge information on the latest advancements.

: Irrigation, Root canal, Irrigant