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IP Indian Journal of Conservative and Endodontics

Comparative evaluation of resilon and guttapercha dissolving qualities in various endodontic solvents-an in-vitro study

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Author Details: Muralidhar Tummala, Vidya Saraswathi, Shashi Rashmi Acharya, Rajesh Cyriac, Vasudev Ballal

Volume : 2

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-8988

Print ISSN : 2581-9534

Article First Page : 22

Article End Page : 27


Back ground: An invitro study was conducted to comparatively evaluate the dissolving qualities of Resilon and Gutta percha in various endodontic solvents such as Chloroform, Halothane, Eucalyptol oil and Xylene.
Materials and Methods: Ten standardized samples each of Resilon and Gutta percha were tested in 5 ml volumes of Chloroform, Halothane, Eucalyptol oil and Xylene for upto 45 minutes at room temperature to investigate their potential for clinical use in dissolving Resilon and Gutta Percha. Each sample was weighed initially before immersing in the solvent. The time required for the entire sample to completely dissolve was recorded. The rate of solubility was recorded in minutes and seconds.
Results: Mean time taken dissolve Guttapercha by chloroform halothane and xylene is 4,13.06,33.5 minutes respectively. Eucalyptol oil could not dissolve Guttapercha in 45 minutes. Mean time taken to dissolve Resilon by chloroform, halothane and xylene is 2.3,3.6,10.8 minutes respectively. Eucalyptol oil did not dissolve Resilon.
Conclusion: Within the limitations imposed by this invitro investigation, the present study suggests that Chloroform, Halothane, and Xylene can be used for softening Gutta percha/ Resilon during retreatment with various techniques. Eucalyptol oil can be used for softening Gutta percha but takes longer time and cannot be used for softening Resilon.

Retreatment, Solvents, Guttapercha, Resilon