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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Association of diabetes and hypertension with primary open angle glaucoma

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Author Details : Jasmine Mary Jacob, Alice Mathew, Sheldon Goudinho

Volume : 3, Issue : 1, Year : 2017

Article Page : 34-37

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The present study was conducted to find the association of hypertension and diabetes with primary open angle glaucoma. Individuals with risk factors could undergo annual screening helping in early detection and intervention and thereby preventing avoidable blindness in them.
Materials and method: A case- control study of 150 subjects aged above 40 years who visited ophthalmology department were evaluated for presence of diabetes and hypertension. Out of 150 subjects 75 were cases with POAG and 75 were controls without POAG. Glaucoma was diagnosed by visual field loss, characteristic optic disc changes, and elevated intraocular pressure of more than 21mm of Hg adjusted to central corneal thickness. The diagnosis of POAG was made after exclusion of other types of glaucoma, like congenital, developmental and secondary glaucoma. A detailed history was taken about the duration of hypertension and diabetes.
Results: There were 39 (52.0%) females, 36 (48%) males among cases and 46(61.3%) females, 29(38.7%) males among controls. Mean age of cases were 63.63 (SD 8.24), of controls 58.79 (SD 10.9). Among cases 50(66.7%) subjects had hypertension and 25(33.3%) did not. Among controls 36(48%) subjects had hypertension and 39(52%) did not. There was a statistically significant association between hypertension and POAG (p value 0.02) and odds ratio 2.2(1.1-4.2) with a CI of 95%. Among cases 53(70.7%) subjects had diabetes and 22(29.3%) did not. Among controls 40 (53.3%) subjects had diabetes and 35 (46.7%) did not. There was a statistically significant association between diabetes and POAG (p value 0.03) and odds ratio 2.1(1.1-4.1) with CI of 95%.

Hypertension, Diabetes, Primary open angle glaucoma, Preventable Blindness

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