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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Botulinum Toxin: A Clinical Update on Ophthalmic Uses

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Author Details : Shraddha Panday, Rajendra P. Maurya, Virendra P.Singh, Mahendra K Singh, Ishan Yadav, Sujit Deshmukh

Volume : 1, Issue : 3, Year : 2015

Article Page : 119-123

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Aim: To review the role of botulinum toxin in ophthalmology; its indications and side effects.

Method: A literature search on pubmed was performed and articles explaining the role of botulinum toxin in ophthalmology were reviewed
Result: Botulinum toxin is being widely used in ophthalmology for various indications like Essential Blepharospasm, Myokymia, Eyelid apraxia, Strabismus, Hyperlacrimation, Spastic entropion and Cosmetic uses. Complications of the injection include local effects like ecchymosis, pain or infection and spill over effects like ptosis, diplopia, lagophthalmos, mid facial weakness and dry eyes.
Conclusion: There are various implications of botulinum toxin in ophthalmology. When considering its application in clinical practice, one should be careful of the indications, risks and benefits of the procedure. When properly delivered it is a potential, efficacious, minimally-invasive treatment modality.
Key Words: Apraxia of Eyelid Opening, Botulinum toxin, Essential Blepharospasm, Eyelid myokymia, Spastic Entropion

How to cite : Panday S, Maurya R P, P.singh V, Singh M K, Yadav I, Deshmukh S, Botulinum Toxin: A Clinical Update on Ophthalmic Uses. Indian J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2015;1(3):119-123

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