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Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

Profile of medico-legal cases in the Casualty of SAMC and PGI, Indore

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Author Details: Jitendra Tomar, Abhishek Varun, Manish Nigam, Pradeep K. Mishra, Pankaj Verma

Volume : 4

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : 2394-6776

Print ISSN : 2394-6768

Article First Page : 171

Article End Page : 175


In any medical college or hospital, emergency cases are dealt in casualty department, where first interaction between doctors and patients takes place. Among all the emergency cases, medicolegal cases are also dealt and a detailed MLC report is made by the attending doctor. After giving primary treatment and life saving measures to the patient, a MLC report is made and information is given to the police department as earliest as possible. Considering the importance of medicolegal work in casualty, a retrospective study was conducted in the casualty department of Sri Aurobindo Medical College and PGI, Indore for a period of 1 year, from 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017. During the study period a total of 1421 patients came to casualty, out of which 44 were brought dead. Majority of cases were male (75.36%) and 57.70% cases were of road traffic accident (RTA), followed by cases of fall from height (10.13%), poisoning (9.21%) and assault (8.02%). In most of the cases opinion was taken from single department (64.70%). Surgery department was involved in majority of cases (52.94%), followed by orthopedics department i.e. in 43.28% cases.

Medicolegal cases, Casualty, RTA, Medicolegal expert