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Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

Risk factor analysis in patients of early onset coronary artery disease reporting to a tertiary care hospital in Rajasthan

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Author Details: Sitaram Gupta, Pankaj Gupta

Volume : 4

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : 2394-6776

Print ISSN : 2394-6768

Article First Page : 195

Article End Page : 198


Introduction: Number of patients with ischemic heart disease has tremendously increased in South East Asia during last 25 years. India has witnessed similar epidemic of coronary artery disease, especially among the urban individuals during this period. Early onset ischemic heart disease is more common in Indians (12-16%) if we compare with people of western countries (5%). Here we have planned this investigation to identify various risk factors which are responsible for relatively higher episodes of ischemic heart disease in young population (< 40 years).
Materials and Method: The study was carried out on young (<40 years) patients attending Jaipur National University Medical College and Hospital from Aug 2015 to April 2017 for coronary artery disease. Total 50 persons were investigated for this study.
Results: In patients with early onset IHD deranged lipid profile was seen in 74% cases, elevated blood pressure in 27 patients (54%), impaired fasting glucose or diabetes mellitus in 12 patients (20%). Tobacco use was seen in 36 patients (72%). 34 patients (68%) had one or more first degree relatives with history of CAD. 25 patients (50%) were obese. 25 patients (50%) had STEMI. In that, 20 patients had AWMI and only 5 had IWMI. 3 had new onset LBBB. 14 had NSTEMI and 8 had unstable angina. On echocardiography, 36 patients (72%) had LV dysfunction.
Conclusion: Most common clinical presentation was STEMI and AWMI. Males were commonly affected especially in the younger age group. Major risk factors like smoking, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure were also evident.

LDL - low density lipoprotein, CAD - coronary artery disease, HDL - high density lipoprotein, DM - diabetes mellitus, Lpa - lipoprotein A, AMI - acute myocardial infarction, SVD - Single vessel disease, MVD-Multi vessel disease, STEMI- ST Elevated MI, NST