Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine


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Author Details: Balaji Digamber Almale, Seema S Bansode-Gokhe, Sudam Rambhau Suryawanshi, Ashok Jaykumar Vankudre, V

Volume : 2

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2394-6776

Print ISSN : 2394-6768

Article First Page : 87

Article End Page : 90


Introduction: The police as one of the visible important component governance and control have always been under intense scrutiny and hence vulnerable to wide spread criticism. Growing unemployment, increasing violence and rising expectations of the people have caused serious challenges before police. They work routinely for 12 hours or more often goes a couple of days nonstop at police station with a catnap in between. The truth is that many policemen live lives of fatigue and despair so the objective of present study was to find health status of Mumbai police.

Aim and Objective: To study health profile of Mumbai Police
Material Methods: The present study was conducted in Mumbai district selected police stations. A multistage and systematic random sampling technique was used to represent a total of 276 policemen out of 40,000 police population.
Results: We found 40-50 age groups predominant among policemen. Maximum policemen were married (91%). Educational qualification in policemen were secondary (36.2%), higher secondary (48.6%), graduation and above (15.2%). In our study 55% were addicted to nicotine alcohol abuse in 26% policemen. Most of the policemen were complaining of musculoskeletal problems (62.7%), gastrointestinal problem (51.8%), and dental problems (41%). Prevalence of hypertension was 42.4%. Forty eight percentage policemen were pre obese while 20% obese in this study.
Conclusion: policemen require periodic medical examination to remain healthy. Government machinery require to look into the health problems of Mumbai policemen to form a comphrsnvice health insurance policy. Periodic counselling is required on health issue as well as job stressor from team consisting of specialist in medicine, psycharity, dieticians and psychologist.

Keyword: Policemen, Health profile, Hypertension and Obesity.