Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

A cross sectional study of nutritional status among first semester adolescents of a polytechnic college in North Karnataka, India

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Author Details: Gowri Shankar

Volume : 5

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2394-6776

Print ISSN : 2394-6768

Article First Page : 81

Article End Page : 85


Introduction: Adolescence is a period of rapid growth & maturity, both physiologically & psychologically. Adult weight of 35% & 11-18% of adult height is acquired during adolescent age. Nutrition has a key role to support this rapid growth and development. Objective of the study: To assess nutritional status among first semester adolescents of a Polytechnic College in North Karnataka.
Methodology: All the new admissions of a polytechnic college in North Karnataka for the year 2015 were included in the study after Ethical Clearance and permission from the Principal of the college. Age of each student was determined by date of birth. Weight was recorded by a portable weighing machine without footwear. The standing height was recorded by asking the student to stand against the wall, heels together without shoes. The height was measured with the help of a flexible measuring tape graduated in centimeters and inches. Body mass index was calculated using the formula weight in kilogram/Height in metre.2 Each student classified according to WHO BMI for age and Height for age. Data was analyzed using percentages and Fischer exact test.
Results: Out of 307 admissions of 2015, 214 (69.71%) were boys and 93 (30.29%) were girls. Majority (69.71%) were between 17 - 19 years and 25.08% were between 15 - 16 years. Students > 20 years were 5.21%. Out of 291 adolescent students between 15 - 19 years, thinness was observed in 24.74% and severe thinness in 19.59%. Regarding height for age, stunting was observed in 18.90% and severe stunting in 2.06%.
Conclusion: National nutrition mission could be the only answer to solve thinness and stunting in adolescents.

Keywords: Stunting, Thinness, Adolescents.

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