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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Exiguobacterium aurantiacum virulent pigment producing a novel pathogenic bacteria associated with cases of corneal ulcers

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Author Details: Deepika Jain*,Vilas Kamble

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2394-5478

Print ISSN : 2394-546X

Article First Page : 451

Article End Page : 459


Blindness is a major public health problem in most developing countries. Corneal ulcer (Keratitis) is a major cause of blindness throughout the world. About 10% cases of blindness are due to corneal ulcer. “Corneal ulcer means loss of corneal substances as a result of infection and formation of raw, excavated area.” Bacterial keratitis is an acute or chronic, transient or recurrent infection of the cornea with varying predilection for anatomical and topographical parts of the cornea like marginal or central. This study demonstrates the Novel pathogenic bacteria Exiguobacterium aurantiacum with bad pigment production, which are causing corneal ulcer and determine the best possible empirical therapy and specific therapy. Particular attention should be given to this condition as it can progress very rapidly with complete corneal destruction can be occur within 24–48 hours.

Keywords: Corneal Ulcer, Exiguobacterium aurantiacum, Molecular characterization, Antibiotic treatment, Pigment.

Doi :-https://doi.org/10.18231/2394-5478.2018.0093