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IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences

A cadaveric study of variations in the formation of median nerve

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Author Details: Ritu Agarwal, Samta Gaur, Sushma K Kataria

Volume : 3

Issue :

Online ISSN : 2581-916X

Print ISSN : 2581-8236

Article First Page : 41

Article End Page : 43


The median nerve is one of the commonest nerve showing variations from the level of its formation to its termination. This is an important region where anesthetist, plastic surgeon and oncologist land up with problems more frequently due to variations and the mismanagement will result if they are not aware of these variations. During the routine dissection of 13 cadavers in the Department of Anatomy, Dr. S N Medical College, Jodhpur we find out the variations in the formation of Median nerve. Three specimens show variation in our study, it is formed by more than two roots. There was normal pattern of formation, relation and course of Median nerve observed in rest of the cadavers.
These findings will provide anatomical knowledge for the reliable clinical correlation and surgeries.

Median nerve, Variations, Cadaver