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Normative data of median nerve conduction in the state of Haryana

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Author Details: Naresh Kumar, Sakshi, Kirti Sharma, Sibadatta Das, Amit Saxena

Volume : 4

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2581-916X

Print ISSN : 2581-8236

Article First Page : 15

Article End Page : 17


Introduction: For evaluation of peripheral nerve function, nerve conduction study (NCS) is done all over the world. Nerve conduction study can be used in a dual way i.e. prognostic as well as the diagnostic tool. As nerve conduction study is dependent on many factors such as age, height, weight, temperature, gender etc. there is a great variation between standard normal values accepted in different parts of world.
Objectives: Till now we are using standard values adopted by western countries like USA, Canada, Europe etc as normative data for our population because it is not found in literature. Hence this study was designed to find out normative data for population of Haryana, on the basis of which, we can draw a comparison between normative data of our region to the standard values adopted by western countries.
Materials and Methods: This study was taken place in the electrophysiology laboratory of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak. We have studied 330 median nerves. Out of them 116 nerves were of females and 214 nerves were of males. Patients with history of peripheral neuropathy, neuromuscular disease, diabetes mellitus, alcoholism etc were excluded.
Results: Out of the total 330 median nerves studied, 163 were of left side and 167 were on right side. Average age of study group was 34.63 years, height was 158.24 centimeters and weight was 57.02 kilograms. Average latency of the group was 7.39 ±1.32 ms, duration 13.62 ±3.69 ms, amplitude 9.48 ±5.22 mV with a conduction velocity of 58.61 ±5.51 m/s.
Conclusion: Studies done earlier were lacking statistical power as sample sizes were small including either students or staff members alone. Our study provides normative values of NCS of median nerve to be accepted as reference value in our electrophysiology lab, as population from several places of State of Haryana was studied for median nerve conduction to make a large sample size.

Keywords: Nerve conduction study, Normative data, Median nerve

Doi :-https://doi.org/10.18231/.2018.0004