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International Journal of Oral Health Dentistry

A case report of an unusual concurrence of Radicular and Dentigerous Cyst in a 9 year old child

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Author Details: Amina Sultan, Akanksha Juneja, Imran Khan

Volume : 3

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2395-499X

Print ISSN : 2395-4914

Article First Page : 59

Article End Page : 62


Radicular cysts are most common cystic lesions and the frequent cause of chronic swellings of the jaws. They are rare in primary dentition and originate from epithelial remnants of the periodontal ligament as a result of inflammation that follows pulpal necrosis. Dental caries is most common etiology of the Radicular cyst present in relation to the primary molar. The Dentigerous cyst is defined as odontogenic cyst that surrounds the crown of an unerupted tooth and is caused by the fluid accumulation between the epithelium and the crown of unerupted tooth. These cysts occur predominantly in the mandibular and the maxillary third molar regions and the maxillary cuspid areas as these are the most commonly impacted teeth. Radicular cyst can heal spontaneously after root canal treatment or extraction but the most suitable treatment is complete enucleation of cyst with all the epithelial remnants along with the extraction of the primary tooth. The recommended treatment for Dentigerous cyst in children is marsupialisation to conserve the permanent tooth and provide a chance to erupt. Some authors suggest the complete removal of the associated tooth and enucleation of the pericoronal soft tissue as a definitive therapy. Both the Radicular and the dentigerous cysts are the most common of all jaw cysts and very rarely both of them are seen in a patient at the same time.
This article presents a case report of a 9 year old child patient having Radicular cyst associated with first primary molar and Dentigerous cyst in relation to second premolar on the left side of mandible.

Radicular cyst, Dentigerous cyst, Enucleation, marsupialisation