IP International Journal of Orthopaedic Rheumatology

Primary solitary osteochondroma of middle phalanx of third finger with digital nerve compression: A rare case report

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Author Details: Amrinder singh, Nitin bansal, Swapnil sharma, Gaurav Jain

Volume : 3

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2581-9151

Print ISSN : 2581-8112

Article First Page : 108

Article End Page : 109


Osteochondromas are the most commonly found benign bone tumours, contributes to 45% of benign bone tumours. They commonly involves metaphyseal region of long bones and are covered with a cartilaginous cap. Solitary primary osteochondromas are very rarely found in hand, less than 5% of all osteochondromas, more commonly found in phalanges than metacarpals. Among phalanges, Proximal and distal phalanges are more commonly involved. Involvement of Middle phalanx in solitary osteochondroma is very rare. Osteochondroma commonly develops in growing bone and increases in size till skeletal maturity. They usually found in 1st and 2nd decades of life. They can be of pedunculated (with stalk) or sessile (without stalk). They typically remain asymptomatic. Here we are reporting a case of 12-year-old female with a primary solitary osteochondroma of the left middle phalanx of middle finger.

Keywords: Primary, solitary, Osteochondroma, Exostosis, Middle phalanx.