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Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Analgesic activity of lagenaria siceraria root extract by tail flick method in albino mice

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Author Details: Kunjumon Dayana,Megaravalli R Manasa*

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2393-9087

Print ISSN : 2393-9079

Article First Page : 195

Article End Page : 197


Introduction: Analgesics relieve pain which otherwise can cause distress and suffering. But analgesics like NSAIDs and opioids can cause side effects like gastric irritation, tolerance and dependence. Hence it is essential to develop new compounds with analgesic potential.
Objectives: To evaluate the analgesic potential of ethanolic extract (EE) of Lagenaria siceraria (L. siceraria) root by tail flick method in albino mice.
Materials and Methods: Animals were allocated to four groups. Group 1(control) was administered normal saline. Group 2 was given aspirin 40 mg/kg (Standard). EE of L. siceraria roots 100 mg/kg BW was given to Group 3. Group 4 was given EE of L. siceraria roots 200 mg/kg BW. All administrations were per oral. Analgesic potential was analysed by tail flick method.
Results: EE of L. siceraria roots (100 mg/kg BW) increased the reaction time significantly at 15 minutes (p < 0> Conclusion: The EE of L. siceraria roots possess analgesic activity in albino mice.

Keywords: L. siceraria, Analgesic, Albino mice, Tail flick.

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