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IP Journal of Diagnostic Pathology and Oncology

Histopathological study of 40 Orchidectomy specimens in a tertiary care hospital in North Telangana

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Author Details: S. Srikanth

Volume : 2

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : 2581-3706

Print ISSN : 2581-3714

Article First Page : 56

Article End Page : 59


Introduction: Testicular tumours are the cause of about 1% of all cancer deaths. They are more frequent in white male population but are less common in Africans and Asians. They have trimodal age distribution – a peak during infancy, another during late adolescence and early adulthood and a third peak after 60 years of age.
Materials and Method: The present study is a retrospective and prospective study. A total of 40 orchidectomy specimens were received during a period of three years. Clinical and radiological history was available for all cases and histopathological diagnosis was given after routine processing and staining.
Results: Out of 40 cases, seminoma was the commonest neoplastic lesion, followed by maturation arrest with atrophic changes and torsion of testis. Left testis was involved more compared to right.
Conclusion: Histopathological diagnosis is very essential and important although new techniques in imaging and tumour marker assay the diagnosis of testicular lesions are available.

: Testis, Seminoma, Torsion, Orchidectomy