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Study of histopathological patterns of thyroid lesions in rural medical college

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Piyush Prakash Narkhede*,Tooba Fatima,Kashinath S. Bhople

Volume : 4

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2581-3706

Print ISSN : 2581-3714

Article First Page : 92

Article End Page : 100


Aim and objectives: To study histopathological features of thyroid lesions, their age and sexwise distribution and frequency of thyroid lesions in thyroidectomy specimens in rural population along with their benign and malignant behaviour.
Materials and Methods: Present study is cross-sectional retrospective study conducted between January 2014 to December 2018 for period of five years, at the department of Pathology JIIU’S IIMSR WARUDI, Rural Medical College Badnapur, Jalna in Maharashtra. All the thyroidectomy specimens received for histopoathological examination during year 2014 to 2018 in Department of Pathology, were included in present study
Result: Out of 233 cases studied, 204 were females [87.55%] and 29 were males [12.45%]. Mean age of presentation was 34.68 yrs. Range of the age of presentation was 2yr-70 yr. with maximum patients [60.52%] between 21-40 yrs. There were 191 non-neoplastic lesions [81.97] and 42 were neoplastic [18.03]. Most common non-neoplastic lesions were hyperplastic lesions 149 cases [63.95%]. Multinodular goitre was most common hyperplastic lesion. [47.21%]. Second most common non-neoplastic lesions were congenital lesions 18 cases [7.72%] with most common congenital lesion being Thyroglossal cyst [6.44%]. Inflammatory lesions were found to be [6.44%], all were Hashimoto thyroiditis. Out of 42 neoplastic cases, 29 were benign [12.45%] and 13 were malignant [5.58%]. Follicular adenoma was found to be most common benign neoplastic lesion [10.73%].Papillary carcinoma was found to be most common malignant neoplastic lesion [3%].
Conclusion: Study shows that thyroid gland lesions were common amongst rural population in Jalna district with females out-numbering males. Non-neoplastic lesions were more common than neoplastic lesions. Benign lesions out-numbered malignant lesions. Multinodular goitre was found to be commonest non-neoplastic lesion. Follicular adenoma was found to be most common benign neoplasm, while papillary thyroid carcinoma was found to be commonest malignant neoplasm. Though other modalities like, FNAC and Sonography were useful in diagnosis of most of the cases, Histopathological examination was found to be mainstay for final diagnosis.

Keywords: Rural, Thyroid lesions, Histopathology, Goitre, Adenoma, Carcinoma.

Doi :-https://doi.org/10.18231/j.jdpo.2019.018