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IP Journal of Diagnostic Pathology and Oncology

Mucin histochemical profile in a variety of human colonic non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions

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Research Article

Author Details : Magdi Mansour Salih, Amal Abd El hafez*, Basem Hassan El- Esawy

Volume : 4, Issue : 3, Year : 2019

Article Page : 159-165

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Introduction: Mucin deregulation occurs in gastrointestinal lesions progressing to cancer. Evidences
advocate utility of mucin profile to predict malignant transformation in preneoplastic colonic lesions,
however data are controversial.
Objectives: This clinicopathological descriptive study identifies the histochemical profiles of acidic and
neutral mucins in human colonic tissues including inflammatory, non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions.
Mucin alteration in different histological grades of adenocarcinoma is also evaluated.
Materials and Methods: After collection of relevant data, tissue samples from a cohort of 88 patients
recruited from King Abdul Aziz Specialized Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia were examined. Dual Alcian
Blue (AB; pH 2.5)/ Diastase (D) Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) technique was used to differentiate acidic and
neutral mucins respectively. Statistical analysis including descriptive statistics, Pearson’s chi-square test
and linear regression was performed using SPSS.
Results: Acidic and neutral mucins were positive in 67.1 and 46.6% of lesions, respectively. All ulcerative
colitis tissues were positive for acidic mucin and 75% for neutral mucin. All non-neoplastic polyps were
positive for both mucins. Adenomatous polyps demonstrated reduced mucin but more neutral (59.3%) than
acidic one (44.4%). About 86% of adenocarcinomas revealed acidic mucin and 22.2% showed neutral
mucin with trends for acidic mucin to decrease with grade and for neutral mucin to increase with grade.
Conclusion: Altered both acidic and neutral mucin profiles occur in colonic lesions of different
pathologies. As colonic adenocarcinoma progresses from grade 1 to grade 3, acid mucin declines with
a corresponding increase in neutral mucin. Mucin profile may be of value in evaluating the preneoplastic
colorectal lesions.

Keywords: Adenocarcinoma, Acidic mucin, Colon, Histochemistry, Neutral mucin.

Doi : 10.18231/j.jdpo.2019.034

How to cite : Salih M M, Hafez A A E, Esawy B H E, Mucin histochemical profile in a variety of human colonic non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions. IP J Diagn Pathol Oncol 2019;4(3):159-165

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