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Morphometric analysis of inter-condylar width, intermandibular width and condylar inclination angle using digital orthopantomogram- An anthropometric study

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Author Details: Akhilanand Chaurasia, Gaurav Katheriya, Ranjitkumar Patil

Volume : 2

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2395-6194

Print ISSN : 2395-6186

Article First Page : 210

Article End Page : 218


Objective: The present study was conducted to evaluate the correlation between age, sex and Inter-condylar width (ICW) and Intermandibular width (IMW). This study will also help in age and sex prediction (Linear regression) on the basis of Inter-condylar width (ICW) and IMW (Intermandibular width), RCI and LCI. It also evaluates the correlation between ICW (Inter-condylar width), Inter-mandibular width (IMW) and dentulous, partially dentulous and edentulous study subjects. The Right condylar inclination (RCI) and Left condylar inclination (LCI) variation in dentulous, partially dentulous and edentulous study subjects were also determined.
Material and Methods: The orthopantomograms of 200 subjects were taken from planmeca promax-dimax4 OPG machine at 66 Kvp, 8mA and exposure time 16 sec. All the measurements are done on digital orthopantomograms using planmeca Romexis 3.2.0R software.
Results: The study population consists of 119 male and 80 female in age group ranging from <18 years to >65 years of age.The Intercondylar width and Intermandibular width is statistically significant (P<.001) in all age groups however the right condylar inclination, left condylar inclination and total of RCI+LCI(TCI) was statistically insignificant (P>.005). The Unpaired t test is applied to know the association between gender and study parameters. All the study parameters (ICW, IMW, RCI, LCI and RCI+LCI) were statistically not significant (P>.05) in male and female. The one way ANOVA shows that all the study parameters (ICW, IMW, RCI, LCI and RCI+LCI) were statistically not significant (P>.05) in partially dentulous, dentulous and edentulous study subjects. Mathmatical equation derived from linear regression can be used for age prediction of an individual if any of ICW, IMW, RCI, LCI and RCI+LCI (TCI) is known.
Conclusion: The Intercondylar width, Intermandibular width has anthropometric value. It can be used in determination of age and gender of subjects in medico-legal cases.

Panoramic Radiograph. Intercondylar Width, Intermandibular Width, Condylar Inclination Angle, Mandible