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Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology

Membrane Marker Sensory Strategy- a neoteric concept

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Author Details: Malay Kumar, Sameera Khan, Pushpam Dwivedi, Pravin Gaikwad, Akhtar Riaz

Volume : 3

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2395-6194

Print ISSN : 2395-6186

Article First Page : 94

Article End Page : 97


Cancer, the group of diseases is characterized by abnormal cell growth, thus the complications in physiological homeostasis. Although, not all tumors are cancerous, but after a certain time or biological events they may turn into cancer. In fact, it is always a risk to continue with any type of tumor. Over 100 cancers are affecting human are detected nowadays. Treatments belong to the types and stages of cancers along with the biological area. However, there is no single cancer therapy, which is free from side effects. Additionally, complications in cellular targeting and therapy-induced second cancer are also evident. Combination treatments are also used in some cancers, despite of the possibility of immunosuppressive and a bundle of unavoidable events. Otherwise, cancer treatment in advanced stages and metastasize are yet being considered as a problematic job. Therefore, scientists are always in search for a new and effective mode of cancer treatment, so that they may ensure less or even no side effects with a promising survival rate. In fact, the economy, safety, and effectiveness are the deemed query of both the patients and physicians. Among the others, the markers coming from the changed cell membrane of a cancerous cell may be a good target to ligand targeting, as these are the basic differentiating matter between two cell types (normal and cancer). In this hypothesis, the membrane marker sensory strategy is going to be introduced theoretically for the first time may be an alternative and effective mode of cancer treatment.

Membrane marker; Novel strategy; Cancer therapy