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Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology

Effects of lignocaine with adrenaline on blood pressure and pulse rate in normotensive and hypertensive patients undergoing extraction: A clinical study

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Author Details: Anil Kumar Karanam, Bujunuru Sridhar Reddy

Volume : 3

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2395-6194

Print ISSN : 2395-6186

Article First Page : 202

Article End Page : 204


Objective: This study is intended to study the effects of Local Anaesthesia containing adrenaline (vasoconstrictor) on Blood pressure and pulse rate in hypertensive patients and to ascertain the safety of using Local Anaesthesia with adrenaline in such patients.
Materials & Methods: The present study has been carried out in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Adilabad from January 2011 to December 2012. The study included 100 male patients, 24 to 60 years of age who underwent extraction of firm mandibular molar tooth. Out of 100 male patients, 50 patients were normotensive patients with systolic blood pressure of <120 mm of Hg and diastolic blood pressure of < 80 mm of Hg and remaining 50 patients were Hypertensive patients out of which 25 patients had Stage I Hypertension (SBP 140 – 159 mm of Hg & DBP 90 – 99 mm of Hg) and 25 patients had Stage II Hypertension (SBP >160 mm Hg & DBP >100 mm Hg). All patients were given Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block followed by Lingual & Long Buccal Nerve Blocks with 2% Lignocaine with 1:2, 00,000 Adrenaline. The Blood pressure and pulse rate were recorded 6 times.
Results: All patients showed a considerable increase in Systolic and Diastolic BP recorded at 2 min but gradually showed a reduction until 60 min post-operatively. The pulse rate also shown a sudden increase followed by gradual reduction to preoperative level.
Conclusion: All patients showed a considerable increase in blood pressure and pulse rate but not significantly which may be attributed to stress induced by dental extraction.

Keywords: Blood pressure, hypertensive, local anaesthesia, normotensive.