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Journal of Society of Indian Physiotherapists

Neuroplasticity-A Biochemical Wonder

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Author Details: Gargi Ray Chaudhuri

Volume : 1

Issue : 2

Online ISSN :

Print ISSN : 2456-7787

Article First Page : 67

Article End Page : 72


Neuroscientists have been observing that “cells that fire together, wire together”. So if a task is performed with repetitions and recalling of information, it will cause different neurons to fire and make the neural circuitry strong. As a result several electrochemical, biochemical processes take place in the nerve cell that ultimately brings changes in the gene expression. Neuroplasticity is the structural and functional changes of brain that involve various coordinated and interacting metabolic sequences which are important for both fundamental concept and potential clinical use.

Keywords: Plasticity, Long term potentiation, NMDA, BDNF, AMPA, Biochemical changes, CNS pathology.