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Journal of Society of Indian Physiotherapists

Effects of home based pelvic floor muscle training based on severity of incontinence on pelvic floor muscle strength in women with stress urinary incontinence

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Zarna Shah*,Priyanshu Rathod

Volume : 3

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2582-0702

Print ISSN : 2456-7787

Article First Page : 20

Article End Page : 23


Introduction: Indian women suffering from urinary incontinence differ from those of developed nations due to cultural, economic and religious nuances that are specific to their environment. It has been observed that though Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is prevalent, Indian women ignore its existence consider it as part of ageing or the consequences of delivery. Consequently, there is a strong need to address this very debilitating disorder that can easily be remediated by engaging in a simple exercises program.
Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) based on severity of incontinence on pelvic floor muscle strength in women with SUI.
Materials and Methods: 73 subjects suffering from SUI were recruited for this experimental study. Each subject was given a six (6) weeks home based PFMT based on severity of incontinence which was decided by Incontinence Severity Index (ISI). Pre and post data were analysed using SPSS 21.0. The outcome measures were Per Vaginal MMT (PVMMT) and Vaginal Squeeze Pressure (VSP).
Results: Wilcoxon test was used to compare the pre and post data for all the subjects. Significant differences were found for PVMMT (Z = -7.43) and VSP (Z = -6.66), pre versus post training respectively.
Conclusions: The home based PFMT for six weeks was found to be effective in improving pelvic floor muscle strength in Indian women with SUI.

Keywords: Pelvic floor muscle training, Vaginal squeeze pressure, PVMMT, Stress urinary incontinence.