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Santosh University Journal of Health Sciences

Dietary considerations for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment: A review

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Author Details: Parvinder Kaur,Rajiv Ahluwalia*,Deepa Verma,Himanshu Garg,Kunal Sharma

Volume : 4

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2455-1732

Print ISSN :

Article First Page : 63

Article End Page : 65


Proper diet and nutrition are important factors which influence the general health, growth and tissue tolerance of orthodontic patients on many levels.While orthodontist will rarely see frank manifestations of nutritional deficiencies, it should be recognized that suboptimal levels of certain nutrients are common and have an effect on the biological response of the tissues influenced by orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment involves the use of attachments and forces element that can negatively affect the dietary intake compromising the nutrition of the patient. On the other hand for effective orthodontic treatment a balanced diet is required. Thus it becomes a vicious cycle. Most orthodontic patients are in the growing age. Balanced diet is essential for them. However some food in its hard and crunchy form may be avoidable during orthodontic treatment. Therefore alternate methods of intake of such food item is essential. This article highlights the importance of dietary considerations for orthodontic treatment and also how the patient can alter their dietary habits without compromising on nutrition.

Keywords: Diet, Food, Orthodontic patients, Nutrition, Fruits.

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