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Year 2019

Volume: 6 , Issue: 4

Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

A comparative study of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) determined by two sub-maximal exercise tests

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Author Details: Mohd Yusuf*,R B. Kamal,Manish Bajpai,Kavita Chawla,Piyush Saxena

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2394-2126

Print ISSN : 2394-2118

Article First Page : 515

Article End Page : 518


Aim: The aim of the study was to compare the predictive values of VO2max determined by two sub-maximal exercise tests: Bruce sub-maximal exercise test and Treadmill jogging test and to find correlation between these two tests.
Materials and Methods: One hundred twenty five apparently healthy male subjects 18-25 years underwent first three stages of the original Bruce protocol in one session and exercise according to Treadmill jogging test in another session in randomised order. VO2max was calculated by using appropriate regression equation.
Results: VO2max values from two tests (t test) revealed similar mean values of VO2max between the two tests (47.06 ± 2.74 vs. 47.20 ± 2.27, t=0.64; p=0.649) i.e. not differed statistically. Concordance correlation coefficient showed an insignificant (p>0.05) concordance between the two tests (r=0.020, 95% CI=-0.152 to 0.191) with low precision (p=0.021) but with high bias correction factor (Cb=0.98).
Conclusion: In conclusion we can say that these two tests are comparable in terms of mean values of VO2max. Poor correlation coefficient between the two tests should be subjected to further study with subjects having wider age range and wide range in VO2max values.

Keywords: VO2max, Sub-maximal exercise, Treadmill test, Physical fitness.

Doi No:-10.18231/2394-2126.2018.0118