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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Bacteriological profile of septicemia in post-neonatal age group and children at Tertiary Care Hospital, Gujarat

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Author Details: Hitesh Assudani, Jigar K. Gusani, Sanjay J. Mehta

Volume : 4

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2394-5478

Print ISSN : 2394-546X

Article First Page : 134

Article End Page : 137


Introduction: Infections remain one of the major problems in pediatric intensive care unit and are leading cause not only of admission but also mortality in developing countries. Mortality from pediatric sepsis ranges from 9% to 35%.
Objective: To study the prevalence & bacteriological profile of septicemia in post neonatal (29 days to 1 year) age group and older children (> 1- 12 year).
Material and Methods: Venous blood was collected (2 ml in post neonatal and 5 ml in older children) and inoculation in blood culture bottle. Further processing was done by standard microbiological guidelines.
Results: In present study out of 84 clinically suspected 52 (61.90%) were males and 32 (38.10%) were females. Among 84 cases, 31 (36.90%) were post neonatal cases and 53 (63.10%) were older children. Out of 31 post neonatal cases, in 6 (19.35%) cases pathogen were isolated and among them 3 were S.aureus & 1(33.33%) was MRSA. Out of 53 older children, in 14 (26.42%) cases pathogen were isolated and among them 5 S.aureus, 3E.coli, 3Klebsiella spp. were isolated out of which 3(60%), 6 (50%) were MRSA & ESBL respectively.
Conclusion: Prevalence of septicemia is 9.83% in post neonatal age group and 22.95% in older children. Septicemia is more common in male age group. Most common clinical presentation in post neonatal age group and older children was fever of unknown origin.

Pediatric Septicemia, Age & Gender wise distribution, Bacteriological profile, Associated factors, Clinical presentation

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