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IP International Journal of Periodontology and Implantology

Implant supported prosthesis with guided bone regeneration & laser assisted perioplastic surgery: a case report

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Author Details: Shivam Yadav, Krishna Kumar Gupta, Chetan Chandra, Shubham Kumar, Akanksha Mishra

Volume : 1

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2457-0087

Print ISSN : 2581-9836

Article First Page : 19

Article End Page : 23


The Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) treatment concept aims for regeneration of osseous defects predictably via the application of occlusive membranes, which mechanically exclude non-osteogenic cell populations from the surrounding soft tissues, thereby allowing osteogenic cell populations originating from the parent bone to inhabit the osseous wound. The development of techniques for guided bone regeneration (GBR) has lead to the possibility of placing implants in the areas where earlier it was not possible due to deficient bone. Further, in the recent years LASERs have also emerged as a powerful and efficient treatment tool for carrying out perioplastic and soft tissue corrections surgeries. The present case report describes a case where implant supported prosthesis was delivered in the minimal available bone and further esthetic enhancement was done by correcting the abnormal frenal attachment by doing LASER assisted perioplastic surgery.

Key Words:
Guided bone regeneration, Barrier membrane, Alloplastic bone Graft Perioplastic Surgery, LASER

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