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IP International Journal of Periodontology and Implantology

Idiopathic Root Resorption with Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis: A Case Report

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Author Details: Purnita Goyel, Bansal Rajat

Volume : 2

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2457-0087

Print ISSN : 2581-9836

Article First Page : 146

Article End Page : 148


An 17 year old girl visited in our Department of Pedodontics with chief complaint of multiple loose teeth. On examination, there was generalized inflamed gingivae, deep periodontal pocket and severe mobility in incisors and molars. The family history revealed that her mother and her maternal uncle had lost all the teeth by the age of 30 years.
Radiographs showed almost generalized apical root resorption of different severity with marked horizontal and vertical bone loss. No local cause for root resorption was found. Laboratory analyses like serum calcium and alkaline phosphatase, thyroid and parathyroid function tests were performed to correlate with any systemic factor but were negative.
Neither local nor systemic etiological factor was found, so case was diagnosed as Idiopathic Root Resorption with Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis and managed.

Keywords: Idiopathic, Multiple Resorption, Root Resorption, Aggressive Periodontitis

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