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Volume: 6 , Issue: 2

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Pattern of availability of non-prescribed medicines and their use as self-medication in Gujarat: a house hold survey

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Author Details: Nazima Yunus Mirza*,Barna Ganguly

Volume : 5

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2393-9087

Print ISSN : 2393-9079

Article First Page : 170

Article End Page : 175


Self-medication is widely practiced everywhere in the world. The drug for self medication has proven efficacy and safety for short-term use in minor illnesses but there is the potential for misuse and abuse of them.
A cross sectional survey was conducted by visiting 800 houses of Anand district of Gujarat. The details regarding self medication were inquired which include the medical conditions for which they used, availability of Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs), previously prescribed medicines taken as self medication, sources, reference & reasons for self medication. The Knowledge of the study participants regarding Self medication was inquired by revealing the history of illness in past six months. Ethics Committee approval was taken prior to the study.
A total of 501 without prescription medicine formulations were found in 245 (30.63%) houses, more in the urban area (38.25%) than the rural (23%). The common conditions for self medication were body ache, arthritis and fever (36.53%). The commonest source was pharmacy stores whereas family, friends or relatives were commonest sources of information for self medication. The Self decision was taken for 32.93% of medicines. Total 43 medicines prescribed earlier were used as self medication for other family member including 12 preparations for pediatric use. Only 126 participants had 222 illness episodes in past six month. Of them 18 study respondents self medicated. Half of the respondents were having the knowledge regarding medicine.
There is a need of emphasizing on proper awareness and education related to self-medication.

Keywords: Self-medication, Medicines without prescription, Rural, Urban.

Doi No:-10.18231/2393-9087.2018.0035