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Journal of Management Research and Analysis


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Author Details: Dr. R. Ganapathi

Volume : 1

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2394-2770

Print ISSN : 2394-2762

Article First Page : 66

Article End Page : 76


 All the citizens are engaged in various activities depending on the knowledge availability of funds and feasibility of return from the activities to generate income for meeting the basic requirements of the human being. After meeting the basic requirements if there is any balance, it is kept as the saving which can be utilized for the future requirement. If the saving of the individual is kept in the home or locker, there will not be any return from the saving. Instead of keeping the savings idle without any income. If is invested in the outside, adequate income may be generated from the savings. Hence all the people try to invest the amount saved in various nature of investment to get maximum return. The investors based on their choice select different area for investment share market is considered one of the best are of investment. Normally in all business goods and services are bought and sold. While in the share market shares, debentures and bonds issued by the Government and Public limited companies are bought and sold. In olden days due to lake of adequate literacy the awareness about the share market was very poor. After some time some of the people entered in share market business directly. Some of item involved in share business with the help of agents and brokers. All most all business there is a possibility for getting profit or loss in the business. But in most of the business if it is managed properly with planned mechanism, surely we can expect considerable return from the business based on the volume of capital invested in it. We have developed well in all business when compared with the status of business development at the time of independence. Government employees in Madurai have considerable savings as the cost of living of the City is comparatively less than other cities in Tamil Nadu and also in India. Further nowadays the government offers better salary to the government employees due to the policy of pay commission of the government of India. After meeting the family requirement every month considerable amount is kept for savings they prefer to utilize their savings in investment where they can get more rate of return for their investment. Most of the government employees are well educated and have more experience in various fields. But they do not have thorough knowledge in the investment area to get return for their investment. They must be given awareness about the area of investment and rate of return from various nature of investment. Hence a study was undertaken by the researchers in the above topic “INVESTMENT PATTERN OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES IN MADURAI CITY”.

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