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Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Removal efficiency of fecal coliform at different type of constructed wetland systems namely VSSF, HSSF and SF

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Author Details: Jassim Hussein Abdullah Al-Maliky, Abdul-Hussain Yousif Al-Adhub, Najah Abood Hussain

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2320-1924

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Article First Page : 7

Article End Page : 10


The study was conducted during 2015 to evaluate removing effciency of feacal coliform form wastewater by three type of constructed wetland systems. These systems nemaly Vertical subsurface flow (VSSF), Horizontal subsarface flow (HSSF) and surface flow (SF). The total mean removal efficiency of fecal coliform after five days of treatment reached 68.43% and for each system was 70.26%, 68.19% and 66.69% for HSSF, VSSF and SF respectively.Also, the rsults recorded remving effciency of 55.93% when the loding rate was 25 % and it reached about 63.65% when the loading rate was 50%. The total mean of removal efficiency of fecal coliform achieved in April was 56.22% while the total mean removal efficiency was 62.01% in May for the same systems. The statical analysis showed a siginficant deffriences of fecal coliform removing among resident time and system type, while, there was no significant deffriences among loading rate percenatge.

Keywords: Constructed wetland, Fecal Coliform, Horizontal subsarface flow system, Vertical subsarface flow, Surface flow.

Doi No:-10.18231/2320-1924.2018.0002