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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Surgery

Current Issue

Year 2018

Volume: 4 , Number: 1

Print ISSN:-2395-1354

Online ISSN:-2395-1362

Indian Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery Indian Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery (IJOS) is a peer-reviewed journal with reputable academics and experts as members of its Editorial Board. IJOS publishes information on basic and applied orthopaedics for a worldwide readership. It publishes original research papers, critical reviews dealing with all fields of Orthopaedics and it addresses the international scientific community. Papers related to orthopaedic science on a worldwide basis are also considered. Special emphasis is given to issues that go beyond the traditional boundaries of an orthopaedic journal. Articles on the state-of-the art of orthopaedic surgery in different parts of the world, the research activities and medical education in orthopaedic teaching, the role of orthopaedics in society, new findings from the frontiers of current research are always encouraged. The policy of selection of articles goes through a process of filter from the receiving desk in the form of plagiarism to a review board of eminent academicians and lastly by the Editor-in-Chief before it goes for publication. This improves the credibility and impact level of the Journal. We have been constantly trying to upgrade our impact factor both nationally and internationally. Our Impact Factor of Infobase Index is 3.2. Aims & Scope: Indian Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles and review articles in all areas of major importance to surgical techniques of orthopaedic surgery and applied research. It publishes high quality research articles, case reports and review articles on all aspects of orthopaedic research. Areas of special interest in the journal include Bone biology in disease and health, Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, metabolic, congenital, neoplastic and degenerative conditions besides traumatology. Note: For the all the issues in the first year the manuscript processing fee has been waived off completely. Subscription  Read More...

Current Issue : 4 , Issue 1 ,Year 2018

2) Management of intertrochanteric fractures by dynamic hip screw VS proximal femoral nail

Author : N Brahma Chary, Bachu Srinivas, Ajay Kumar Pandey, Narayana Prasad

Page No : 7-9

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0002

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3) Correlation of urinary markers versus blood biomarkers in osteoporotic fractures

Author : Ganesan Ganesan Ram, P.V. Vijayaraghavan

Page No : 10-12

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0003

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7) Study of factors affecting the outcome of operative management of malleolar fractures

Author : Venugopal S M, G. Jagadesh, Prasanna Maddiwar, Karthik Gudaru

Page No : 30-34

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0007

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8) Evaluation of pattern and treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis in central India

Author : Sparsh Naik, Rajesh Dulani, Sohael M Khan, Pradeep K Singh, Tanmay Dua

Page No : 35-40

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0008

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11) External fixator and K wire- A versatile tool in distal end radius fractures

Author : Kaushal Anand, Hriday Acharya, Satvik Patel, Shalin Shah

Page No : 48-52

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0011

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12) Outcome of surgical management of late presenting developmental dysplasia of hip with pelvic and femoral osteotomies

Author : G. Jagadesh, Venugopal S M, SSRK Chaitanya B, Karthik Gudaru

Page No : 53-59

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0012

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13) Outcome of surgical management of plano-valgus foot in cerebral palsy with batchelor's extra-articular subtalar arthrodesis

Author : G. Jagadesh, T. Naveen Babu, S.M.Venugopal, G. Karthik, K. Pavan Kumar Yadav

Page No : 60-64

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0013

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14) Role of proximal femur locking plate in management of complex proximal femoral end fractures

Author : Hardip Singh Mann, Girish Sahni, Arvind Kumar, Anand Mohan

Page No : 65-68

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0014

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15) A prospective study of functional outcome of treatment of supracondylar fracture of femur by locking compression plate

Author : Sathish Kumar S, Madan Ballal, T.H. Prakashappa, Vamsinath P

Page No : 69-72

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0015

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17) Surgical treatment of distal femur fractures using locking compression plate

Author : Tushar Agarwal, Kumar Saurav, Siddharth Jadhav, Ankur Kumar, Manoj Pudari

Page No : 78-81

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0017

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18) Functional outcome of wound coverage of soft tissue defects over ankle and foot

Author : Arjun Naik, Edward Nazareth, Latheesh Leo

Page No : 82-86

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0018

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20) Role of hip abduction brace in preventing impending failure in PFN

Author : Jitendra Verma, D. K. Sharma, Laxman Banodha, D. K. Sonkar

Page No : 91-93

Doi : 10.18231/2395-1362.2018.0020

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