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Telangana Journal of Psychiatry

Current Issue

Year 2018

Volume: 4 , Issue: 1

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Online ISSN:-2455-8559

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Telangana Journal of Psychiatry Telangana Journal of Psychiatry (TJP) is the official publication of the Indian Psychiatry Society – Telangana State Branch formed recently following the division of Andhra Pradesh. History of the Journal: IP Telangana Journal of Psychiatry derives its heritage from AP journal of Psychological Medicine, as the before the State of Andhra Pradesh was divided the main contributors for the AP journal of Psychological Medicine were from both the states. The AP Journal of Psychological medicine has retained with the AP branch of the IPS. Aims and scope: The IP Telangana Journal of Psychiatry (TJP) is a strictly anonymous double-blind inter-institutional externally peer-reviewed, open-access, official scholarly journal of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Telangana State Branch (IPS-TSB). We invite papers from around the world. The journal offers a platform for clinicians and researchers with divergent concepts and perspectives. It publishes manuscripts in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, psychiatric social work, mental health nursing and all sciences related to mental health. Our aims to keep the field of mental health vibrant and relevant by publishing the latest advances.  In accordance to this mission, the journal publishes basic and clinical research from all disciplines and research areas related to mental health. We consider original articles on all aspects of the epidemiology, aetio-pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, prognosis and prevention of psychiatric disorders. We also encourage and publish reviews, case reports, editorials, commentaries and viewpoints that focus on topics of current research and interest. The journal has full editorial independence from the society, IPS-TSB. The journal started in this year (2015) but never the less it carries the legacy of the AP Journal of Psychological medicine which was started in1988. It is published twice a year Jul-Dec and Jan to Jun. We aim to provide the first decision  Read More...

Current Volume : 4 , Issue 1 ,Year 2018

2) Plagiarism: Avoid it like the plague

Author : Venugopal Duddu

Page No : 3-5

Doi : 10.18231

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4) Scholastic backwardness among school students: Prevalence and correlates

Author : Ram Pratap Beniwal, Ankur Sachdev, Vipin Kumar, MM Bhojak, Anil Tambi

Page No : 11-15

Doi : 10.18231

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6) The prevalence of Post Stroke Depression (PSD) & its relationship with post stroke disability and lesion localization

Author : Ankita V Patel, Prakash I Mehta, Kamlesh Patel, Sanjiv H. Prajapati

Page No : 22-28

Doi : 10.18231

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7) A comparative study of internalized stigma and its correlates among different psychiatric disorders in remission

Author : Srilakshmi Pingali, Sireesha Srinivasa Rao, Molangur Umashankar

Page No : 29-33

Doi : 10.18231

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8) Attitudes towards psychiatry as a prospective career among medical interns

Author : Ivan Netto, Manjeet Santre, Smita Panse

Page No : 34-40

Doi : 10.18231

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10) Ketamine abreaction in dissociative amnesia: A case report

Author : Chilukuri Raviteja, Chilukuri Harihar

Page No : 46-47

Doi : 10.18231

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12) Abraham Maslow

Author : Ch. Prashanth

Page No : 50-52

Doi : 10.18231

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