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Pure medullary cancer Vs IDC with medullary like features of Breast

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Author Details : Dhiraj B. Nikumbh, Roopali D. Nikumbh

Volume : 2, Issue : 3, Year : 2017

Article Page : 56-57

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Pure medullary cancer of the breast is uncommon subtype of infiltrating duct carcinoma (IDC) comprising 3-5% of all breast neoplasms. Newer and specific nomenclature of medullary carcinoma is basal-like breast carcinoma or associated with genetic BRCA1 mutation.
We discuss a case of 45 year old female with huge lump in her right breast with characteristic features of pure medullary cancer. In this article, we highlight the distinction between the pure that is typical medullary cancer from atypical and IDC with medullary like features.

: IDC, medullary cancer, MRM, Breast cancer

How to cite : Nikumbh D B, Nikumbh R D, Pure medullary cancer Vs IDC with medullary like features of Breast. IP Arch Cytol Histopathol Res 2017;2(3):56-57

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