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IP Annals of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Shear bond strength of resin adhesive to laser treated surface of yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline

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Author Details : Niwut Juntavee, Apa Juntavee, Thanwarat Yothajun

Volume : 3, Issue : 1, Year : 2017

Article Page : 10-15

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Purpose: This study evaluated the effects of surface treatment of zirconia with erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er-YAG) laser on shear bond strength to resin cement.
Materials and Methods: Thirty disc-shaped zirconia specimens (10 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness) were fabricated, randomly assigned to 3 groups (n = 10) and treated surface with: Gr. N) no treated surface, Gr. S) sandblasted with 50 micron alumina and Gr. L) treated with an Er-YAG laser. Zirconia surface was then applied with metal/zirconia primer prior to be cemented to composite cylinder (5 mm in diameter and 4 mm in thickness) with resin cement. Shear bond strength test was performed at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey HSD tests.
Results: The means and standard deviations of shear bond strength (MPa) were: Gr. N) 10.79 ± 1.03, Gr. S) 14.15 ± 3.07, Gr. L) 14.11 ± 1.98. The treatment of zirconia surface were significantly affected to shear bond of resin adhesive to zirconia (p< 0.05). Treatment surface of zirconia with either Er-YAG laser or sandblast indicated significant higher shear bond strength than no treated surface (p < 0.05). No significant in bond strength between sandblasted surface and Er-YAG treated surface (P > 0.05).
Conclusion: Pretreatment of zirconia by Er-YAG laser improved bond strength to resin cement. The study suggested that Y-TZP ceramics should be treated surface with Er-YAG laser before cementation.

Zirconia; Resin Cement; Er-YAG Laser; Shear Bond Strength

How to cite : Juntavee N, Juntavee A, Yothajun T, Shear bond strength of resin adhesive to laser treated surface of yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline. IP Ann Prosthodont Restor Dent 2017;3(1):10-15

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