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Year 2020

Volume: 8 , Issue: 1

International Dental Journal of Student Research

Knowledge about Post-exposure Prophylaxis for Hepatitis B Virus among Dentists and Dental Students in Pakistan

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Author Details: Zohaib Ahmed, Umber Zahra, Nasir Saleem

Volume : 3

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2278-3784

Print ISSN : 2394-708X

Article First Page : 189

Article End Page : 194


Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess dentists and dental students’ knowledge about post-exposure prophylaxis for Hepatitis B virus and to compare the results obtained from both the groups.
Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in September 2013 using a self-structured questionnaire to collect information from the six dental institutes in Lahore, Pakistan.
Results: A total number of 610 questionnaires were distributed and 593 were received with a response rate of 97 %.  Out of 593 participants 162 (27 %) of the respondents were Dentists and 431 (73%) were dental students. Mean knowledge score for dentists and dental students was 5.51 and 5.69 respectively (score range 0-12).  The comparison of knowledge between Dentists and Dental students, according to the scoring criteria, was statistically significant (p-value: 0.016) with Dental students being more knowledgeable than Dentists. 
Conclusion: Based on the results of this survey, authors concluded that there is lack of knowledge about HBV post-exposure prophylaxis among Dentists and Dental students. Authors recommended that in all the Dental Institutes of Pakistan, Infection Control Committees should be formulated and given the responsibility of conducting educational workshops with special emphasis on the HBV post-exposure prophylactic management. Participation in such workshops must be made mandatory for all Dental health care providers.

Hepatitis B virus, post-exposure prophylaxis, Dentists, Pakistan.

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