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International Dental Journal of Student Research

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 4 | Issue 3

Online since Thursday ,13 October 2016

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1) Surgical management of chondrosarcomas of Head and Neck

Author : Govind Jindal, Simarpreet Singh Batra, Jaspreet Singh Badwal, Shaina Uppal, Shivani Bhandari

Doi :   Page No : 101-104

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2) “A Brief Chronological Review of Dental Implant History”

Author : Rajan Rajput, Zakariya Chouhan, Monica Sindhu, Sowmya Sundararajan, Ravi Raj Singh Chouhan

Doi :   Page No : 105-107

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4) Efficacy of the Lag screw fixation for the treatment of anterior mandibular fracture

Author : Aparna Ramakant Betharia, RS Dolas

Doi :   Page No : 111-115

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5) Self-reported prevalence and risk factors of musculoskeletal pain in Thai dental students

Author : Rungarun Kriangkrai, Natrujee Sirimala, Sasitharee Nathamtong, SulalivanWintsch, Kencho Choden, Pana

Doi :   Page No : 116-122

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6) Oral leukoplakia: risk of malignant transformation and the importance of surgical excision

Author : Mariem Meddeb, Abdellatif Chokri, Faten Hammedi, Karim Masmoudi, Hajer Hentati, Jamil Selmi

Doi :   Page No : 123-127

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7) Occlusal Vertical Dimension and Amelogenesis imperfecta: Systematic Review of the Literature

Author : Sinda Ammar, Insaf Farhat, Amel Labidi, Imed Ouni, Sonia Ghoul-Mazgar

Doi :   Page No : 128-135

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8) Canine retraction using new Curved Sliding Technique and miniscrew anchorage

Author : M. Bashar Muselmani, Mohammad Maatouk

Doi :   Page No : 136-140

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9) The relationship between Periodontal Disease Severity and Systemic Diseases: Retrospective study

Author : Elias Boutros, Ahmad Al nashar, Seba Al Haji, Reem Ganem

Doi :   Page No : 141-143

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11) Evidence based Approaches towards Hand Hygiene

Author : Beenish Khalil Rana, Zoofa Manazar

Doi :   Page No : 148-155

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14) Management of a patient of phthisis bulbi: a case report

Author : Mythili Katragadda A, Sandeep Chiramana H, Gopinadh Anne, Suresh Muvva, G. Phani Krishna, Vijay Kuma

Doi :   Page No : 167-170

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15) An integrated technique for the fabrication of a custom made ocular prosthesis for rehabilitating a patient with an acquired eye defect

Author : Srujana Zakkula, Geetha Bhavani Paluri, Sneha Deepthi, Suresh Pothu

Doi :   Page No : 171-175

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16) Exophytic reactive lesions of the gingiva – “hard fibroma” a case report type of article: case report

Author : Anita S. Raikar, Sanjeevini A. Hattarki

Doi :   Page No : 176-178

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