IP International Journal of Aesthetic and Health Rejuvenation

Binder’s syndrome and aesthetic improvement: A case report

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Author Details: Jyoshid R Balan*,Shaji Mathew,Pradeep Kumar

Volume : 1

Issue : 3

Online ISSN : XXXX


Article First Page : 22

Article End Page : 24


Binder’s syndrome is a rare congenital anomaly affecting the facial skeleton. It is also known as nasomaxillary hypoplasia affecting anterior maxilla and the nasal complex. The etiology of this syndrome is not well defined. The diagnosis is mainly done through analyzing the morphological characteristics and the radiological findings. Here we present a case of Binder’s syndrome with its morphological features, which has been corrected with surgical augmentation of both maxilla as well as the nasal complex using costochondral cartilage grafts.

Keywords: Binder’s syndrome, Hypoplastic maxilla, Nasolabial angle, Costochondral graft.

Doi No:-10.18231