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Indian Journal of Clinical Anaesthesia

Injection with long chain triglyceride or long chain triglyceride/medium chain triglyceride propofol: Which is less painful?

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Research Article

Author Details : Pankajkumar B Parmar, Jyotsna F Maliwad*, Jaydev K Dave, Kalpita S Shringarpure, Raman D Damor

Volume : 7, Issue : 1, Year : 2020

Article Page : 54-58

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Introduction: Long chain triglyceride/Medium chain triglyceride (LCT/MCT) Propofol 1% suspension is
a new formulation having 10% fat emulsion consisting of long chain triglycerides (LCT) and medium-chain
triglycerides (MCT). The pharmacokinetics and efficacy are similar to the standard Propofol LCT.
Objective: To compare incidence, intensity of pain on injection and hemodynamic stability with both 1%
Propofol -LCT and 1% Propofol-LCT/MCT in patients undergoing surgery with general anaesthesia.
Materials and Methods: This was a comparative study conducted in Shri M.P. Shah Medical College and
Guru Gobind Hospital, Jamnagar. After due ethical clearances, 60 patients were divided into L group and
L/M group by using random number table after taking written informed consent. The L-Group received 1%
propofol-LCT while the L/M group received 1% propofol-LCT/MCT. After induction, pain was assessed
using Verbal Rating Score for incidence and intensity of pain.
Results: In L-group, 29 (96.67%) patients complained of pain, while in L/M-group 24 (80%) patients
perceived pain. Ten (33.3%) patients in L group and 18 (60%) in L/M group had none to mild pain, but
moderate to severe pain was perceived by 20 (66.67%) patients in L group compare d to 12(40%) in L/M
group. The incidence of pain and intensity of pain on injection was greater in group L (p=0.04 and 0.03
Conclusions: Propofol-LCT/MCT may be considered in place of propofol-LCT as an anaesthetic agent
since it reduces pain of injection.

Keywords: Propofol LCT/MCT, General anaesthesia, Verbal Rating Score, Pain intensity.

Doi : 10.18231/j.ijca.2020.010

How to cite : Parmar P B, Maliwad J F, Dave J K, Shringarpure K S, Damor R D, Injection with long chain triglyceride or long chain triglyceride/medium chain triglyceride propofol: Which is less painful?. Indian J Clin Anaesth 2020;7(1):54-58

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