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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Muscular Performance during different phases of Menstrual cycle

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Author Details : Amruta S Bennal, Varsha Chavan, R.H Taklikar, Anant Takalkar

Volume : 3, Issue : 1, Year : 2016

Article Page : 1-3

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Background: Menstrual cycle is a physiological phenomenon during reproductive life of women. Its phases are influenced by alteration in the concentration of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Fluctuating levels of sex steroids across normal menstrual cycle affect sensory- motor association of an individual.
Objective: To study muscular performance by doing hand grip strength (strength of upper limb muscles) and time to fatigue during sustained submaximal isometric handgrip strength exercise during the different phases of menstrual cycle.
Materials and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in 50 females medical students with regular menstrual cycle of age group between 19-25 years. Muscular performance was assessed by maximum voluntary contraction and time for the onset of fatigue at 30% maximum voluntary contraction, which were recorded using hand grip strength dynamometer by using Power lab 8/30 series with dual Bioamplifier (AD Instruments Australia, Model No.ML870).
Results: There is no significant change in maximum voluntary contraction in terms of handgrip strength during different phase of menstrual cycle, though there is slight increase in Secretory phase comparing to Proliferative phase and menstrual phase. The time to fatigue at 30% of MVC (maximum voluntary contraction) is more in secretory phase, but slight statistically significant change is observed between proliferative phase and menstrual phase.
Conclusion: Though there is slight changes in values, as these are not statistically significant, regularly menstruating female athletes do not need to adjust their menstrual phase to maximize the performance.

Keywords: Hormones; Menstrual cycle; Muscular performance; Time to fatigue

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