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Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Efficacy of balloon physiotherapy in preventing the chest complications

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Author Details : Dwivedi SK, Ajit Singh Rajput, Uday Som Shekar

Volume : 3, Issue : 4, Year : 2016

Article Page : 433-435

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Background: Arterial hypoxia occurs due to perfusion of non-ventilated alveoli; these changes become maximal within 48 -72 hours after operation and usually return to normal within 7 days without ever becoming clinically evident.
Objective: To study the efficacy of balloon physiotherapy in comparison to incentive physiotherapy.
Methods: A prospective study was conducted among eighty three patients who have undergone major laparotomy operations i.e. opening of abdominal wall. They were divided into two groups. One group received the balloon physiotherapy and the other group received the incentive physiotherapy. Comparison was made between the two groups. Data was analyzed using appropriate statistical tests.
Results: At two degree of freedom X square value corresponds to probability 0.05 was 5.99. Calculated value was 0.4884. It was not found to be statistically significant. It was also noted that there was no significant difference noted between two groups of ASA grade. Balloon physiotherapy was found equally effective in comparison to chest physiotherapy.
Conclusion: Balloon physiotherapy is cheaper than incentive physiotherapy. It was found to be equally good in comparison with incentive physiotherapy. Hence we recommend use of balloon physiotherapy in low resource settings.

Physical activity, ASA grade, Qualitative assessment

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