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International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 3 | Issue 2

Online since Friday ,17 June 2016

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1) Effect of adenosine deaminase activity on lipid profile in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Author : Amandeep Kaur, Sahiba Kukeraja, Tejinder Singh, Ishanjit Singh Sandhu, Gurambir Singh

Doi :   Page No : 134-138

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3) Cerebrospinal Fluid Adenosine Deaminase Activity: A Valid Ancillary Test for Tubercular Meningitis

Author : Chatterjee Gangadhar, Chandel Rittu, Choudhary Nikhil, Abichandani Leela G.

Doi :   Page No : 145-149

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4) Uric Acid Levels in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) in Relation to Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes

Author : Liggy Andrew, Nikunj Patel

Doi :   Page No : 150-153

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5) Diabetes Accelerates Age- Related Lipid Profile Disturbances in Cardiovascular Complications

Author : Md. Ezaz Zafar, Faizur Rahman, K. R. Prasad, M Nehal

Doi :   Page No : 154-158

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6) Prevalence of Hypoalbuminemia in Hospitalized Patients

Author : Mohammed Sabiullah, Naazia Arifuddin, Jyotchna Devi Bade, Babu Rao R., Mohammed Abdullah Saad, Sadha

Doi :   Page No : 159-161

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8) A Study of Vitamin D Levels in Patients of Prostate Cancer

Author : Pankaj R Kambale, Deepa Haldar, B.C. Kabi, Kalpana P. Kambale

Doi :   Page No : 169-171

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9) Association of Thyroid Dysfunction in Patients withType-2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author : Shreerang Pralhad Kulkarni, Rakesh Mudaraddi, Dhiraj J Trivedi, Pramod S Kamble

Doi :   Page No : 172-176

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10) A Comparative Study on the Fasting and Postprandial Dyslipidaemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author : Vinod V Wali, Smita S Patil

Doi :   Page No : 177-180

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11) Olive Oil in Indian Kitchen: a Food for Thought, a Thought for Food

Author : Jyotirmayee Bahinipati, Viyat Prajana Acharya, Govind Pratap Singh, Karan Khandelwal, Ashok Kumar Da

Doi :   Page No : 181-185

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12) “Ratio of AST/ALT and serum gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) activity in chronic alcoholics and acute viral hepatitis”

Author : Narendra S. Dange, Abhay N. Nagdeote, Rajeshree A. Nandanwar

Doi :   Page No : 186-189

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13) Biochemical Profile of women with pregnancy induced hypertension

Author : N. Chowdeswari, M. Girija Menon, N. Jaya, B.V. Ramarao

Doi :   Page No : 190-193

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14) Estimation of various fractions of bilirubin in cases of neonatal jaundice

Author : Padmanabhan P, Hotkar KN, Nagarkar VD, Jangle SN

Doi :   Page No : 194-200

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15) A correlation of plasma malondialdehyde, whole blood glutathione peroxidase and lipid profile in pulmonary tuberculosis

Author : Anchit Bharat, Bharat Kumar Gupta, Jaskiran Kaur, Naresh Kumar, Vinay Bharat

Doi :   Page No : 201-207

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16) Role of Glycemic control and Lipid profiles in management of Diabetic complications

Author : Dipti Basavraj Sanakal, Sagar Chandrakant Mhetre, Shailaja Katti

Doi :   Page No : 208-213

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17) Comparison of Level of thyroid hormone between pregnant and non-pregnant women

Author : Raghav Nepalia, Renuka Z Lal

Doi :   Page No : 214-226

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18) Serum Uric Acid in Myocardial Infarction- A Comparative Study

Author : Amrut A Dambal, D. Sridevi, Samata K. Padaki, Shilpa HD, Sangappa V Kashinakunti, Gurupadappa Kallag

Doi :   Page No : 227-230

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19) Vitamin D status in a sample population representing urban youth

Author : Chandrika N, Usha SMR, HV Shetty

Doi :   Page No : 231-235

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20) A Study of Serum Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus in Hypothyroidism

Author : D. Sridevi, Amrut A Dambal, Sidrah, Anila Sushma Challa, Samata K. Padaki

Doi :   Page No : 236-239

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21) Serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein levels in metabolically healthy obese individuals versus lean type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients

Author : Shilpa B Asegaonkar, Jayshree S Bavikar, Laxmikant N. Cherekar, Amruta Marathe, Anand P Thorat

Doi :   Page No : 240-244

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22) Usefulness of serum gamma glutamyl transferase in assessing severity of preeclampsia

Author : Sumathi M.E, Ruta Ujjval Joshi, Gomathy E, Shashidhar KN

Doi :   Page No : 245-249

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23) A correlative study of salivary and plasma glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients with and without complications

Author : Dipti KH, Maitreyee DS, Shivashankara AR, Avinash SS, Malathi M

Doi :   Page No : 250-254

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24) Serum 25- Hydroxy Vitamin D levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus- A Comparative study

Author : Mallikarjuna Swamy, Arati Ganiger, Shankar Prasad DS, Sanjeev Ratna

Doi :   Page No : 255-258

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