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Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Lens-induced glaucoma in the rural population: Is cataract surgery in one eye a boon or bane?

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Author Details : Anitha S. Maiya, Ravindra B., Manjunath BH, Meghana Patil

Volume : 3, Issue : 1, Year : 2017

Article Page : 24-27

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Purpose: To evaluate the characteristics of Lens Induced Glaucoma among the rural population and to determine if cataract surgery in one eye plays a role in causing Lens Induced Glaucoma in the other eye.
Methods: This prospective study included 43 eye of 43 patients who were clinically detected to have lens induced glaucoma and operated by one surgeon. A comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation was done and medical management instituted. All patients underwent Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery and were followed up for 6 weeks.
Results: Majority of the patients were in the age group of more than 60 years. The incidence of lens induced glaucoma was more among females (65.12%). Phacomorphic glaucoma was more common (30 cases; 69.77%) than phacolytic glaucoma (13 cases; 30.23%). Following cataract surgery, 26 eyes (60.47%) had visual acuity 6/18 or better. Majority of our patients(69.77%) presented within 7 days of onset of symptoms; among the 13 patients who presented after 7 days of onset of symptoms, the postoperative visual acuity tended to be poorer than in those who presented early. A majority of them (34 patients; 79.07%) mentioned having good vision in the fellow eye as the reason for delaying cataract surgery in the affected eye.
Conclusions: Since LIG is a preventable condition, Ophthalmologists should stress the importance of undergoing cataract surgery when the cataract is still immature and in bilateral cases advice early surgery for the fellow eye. With advances in surgical techniques, good preoperative control of IOP and postoperative treatment, it is possible to restore good vision in patients with LIG who present early.

Lens induced Glaucoma, Manual small incision cataract surgery, Phacolytic glaucoma, Phacomorhpic glaucoma

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